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Our Drivers

A key objective has been to bring gold standard ethics to the fund management and private wealth management practice by aligning our clients’ interests with our own.

We are guided by four principles:

  • Customer Focus: What matters to us are our clients, not our competitors.

  • Capital Preservation: We look for the best returns we can get after securing your principal.

  • Operational Excellence: We understand how a neglect of this can destroy performance.

  • Long Term Thinking: We are not driven by the investment fad of the time.

The principals of the business lead with their own capital and invite clients to participate only after profitability has been proven, risks have been identified and peace of mind generated, to the extent possible.

We do not partake in questionable practices which attract conflicts of interests like retrocessions, partner commissions or soft dollars.

Finally, all companies within our group, whether the fund management entity or funding vehicles, are all based in highly regulated jurisdictions like Singapore and not in difficult-to-reach loosely regulated havens. This gives investors the comfort of strong legal and regulatory protection.

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